Termination of Employment


  1. Voluntary Termination (Resignation, Retirement):
    An employee wishing to leave County employment shall submit a resignation in writing stating their last working day. Management retains the right to determine the employee's last work day. This notice shall be given to the employee's Department Head. All recognized County Department Heads are encouraged to give notice in writing at least thirty days in advance of the planned departure. All other staff are encouraged to give two weeks' notice of their planned departure. It is expected that employees will give as much notice as possible to facilitate the orientation of new staff members. Failure to give the requested notice of termination will normally cause forfeiture of payout of any accumulated benefits, including vacation, unless required by law or applicable collective bargaining agreement provisions.
  2. Involuntary Termination:
    An employee may be terminated by the Department Head, with the involvement of Human Resources. The Standing Committee shall approve suspension or termination of a Department Head, with the involvement of Human Resources. Final pay will be issued on the next regularly scheduled payday, unless other arrangements have been made.


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