Sick Compensation


The intent of sick compensation is to provide a cushion of compensation for employees who are faced with an illness or injury to themselves or members of their family outlined in this policy. Employees shall be entitled to sick leave benefits as follows:

All eligible, non-represented employees shall accumulate sick leave at the rate of 3.7 hours per pay period, to a maximum accumulation of 120 days (960 hours).

Use of such leave is restricted to personal illness or injury of the employee or to care for an ill or injured spouse, child (including stepchild and foster child), parent (including stepparent) or family member residing in the household. Such leave shall also be allowed for medical appointments of those listed above. After an employee has accumulated 120 days (960 hours) of sick leave, any sick leave days in excess of 120 not used at the end of the year will be paid at the rate of $50.00 per day. Sick leave may not be taken in less than half (1/2) hour increments.

Employees regularly scheduled forty (40) or more hours per week shall be entitled to full sick leave benefits. Employees regularly scheduled twenty (20) to thirty-nine (39) hours per week shall be entitled to sick leave benefits on a pro-rata basis based upon the actual number of hours compensated. Temporary, limited term, seasonal, and employees regularly scheduled less than twenty (20) hours per week shall not be eligible for sick leave benefits.

Sick leave benefits shall accrue each pay period, but employees may not carry over more than 120 days (960 hours) accumulated sick leave at the end of each calendar year. Newly hired employees shall accrue sick leave from the date of hire, but may not use accumulated sick leave until six months after their hire date. Paid time off for sickness will not be counted as hours worked in determining overtime.

Employees unable to report to work at the designated time shall give as much advance notice as possible, but in no event later than thirty (30) minutes after the start of their work day, and shall identify the nature of the reason for the absence.

The Department Head or Human Resources Director may, at their discretion, require a medical statement to verify the reason for and time frame of the sick leave absence. Certification by a physician may be required. The County may also require a medical examination be conducted prior to return to work, by a mutually agreed upon physician, at County expense, on occasions that it is in the best interest of the County to do so. Any employee found to have violated any sick leave regulation shall promptly refund any amount found to have been fraudulently received in the form of sick leave compensation and, in addition, shall be subject to discipline or discharge.

Anyone leaving employment of Trempealeau County before completing his or her introductory period, and any employee who is terminated for disciplinary reasons (including gross misconduct), shall forfeit all accrued sick leave benefits. When an employee retires, terminates, or is discharged (for non-disciplinary reasons or reasons other than gross misconduct) after completing the introductory period, he/she shall receive a lump sum payment for all accrued and unused sick leave benefits on the first payroll following completion of the last pay period in which the employee worked. The sick leave payout shall be according to the schedule below.

An employee severing his/her employment relationship with the County may not use accumulated sick leave to extend his/her separation date beyond the last day worked. The bar on the use of accumulated sick leave prior to separation does not apply when the employee has had his/her medical provider document to the County's satisfaction the separating employee's inability to work throughout their period of absence. The County has the right to send the employee to a physician of its choice to verify the opinion of the employee's provider.

Benefits are payable as follows:

Reason for Separation Value Max. hours
eligible to Receive
Retirement*, Disability*, or Death 100% of the cash value at the rate of pay received at the time of retirement, disability, or death 480
Resignation, Layoff or Discharge (for non-disciplinary reasons or reasons other than gross misconduct) $6.25 per hour 240


*As defined under the provisions of the Wisconsin Retirement Fund.


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