Political Activity


Every employee has the right to freely express his/her views as a citizen and to cast his/her vote. No employee is precluded from seeking or becoming a candidate for political office. For those that choose to become involved in the political process, the following principles shall be followed:

  1. No County employee or elected official may engage in political activity in their workplace.
  2. No County employee or elected official may use County supplies or equipment in support of political activity.
  3. No County employee may include his or her County title in an endorsement of any candidate for political office.
  4. No candidate for elected County office, County employee or County official may require any County employee or official to endorse, assist, finance or support a candidate for political office, or retaliate against any employee or official in any manner because of that employee or official's personal political activity.
  5. This section does not prohibit any County official or employee from engaging in political activity if the activity is conducted on the employee or official's own time and at their own expense. This section does not prohibit an employee or elected official from seeking partisan elective office. This section does not prohibit any County employee or elected official seeking elective office from making reference to their County employment or service in their campaign for office.

Employees whose principal employment is in a federally grant-aided program are subject to prohibitions in the Federal Hatch Political Activities Act as amended, 5 U.S.C. Secs. 1501-1508 (Hatch Act). The Act may prohibit an employee in such a program from becoming a candidate for an elective office, unless the employee is an incumbent elected official. Any employee who is contemplating running for elective office may consult with the Human Resources Department before doing so to assure there is no prohibition under the Hatch Act. Such inquiries shall be kept in strict confidence.


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