Outside Employment


Employees may hold jobs outside their employment with Trempealeau County as long as they meet the performance standard of their job with Trempealeau County. All employees will be evaluated by the same performance standards and will be subject to Trempealeau County's scheduling demands, regardless of any work requirements existing from employment outside of Trempealeau County. Trempealeau County employees may not receive income or material gain from any individual(s) or County by performing a job which would be considered a part of the employee's normal job duties (example: using county plow to snowplow a residential driveway for cash).

If Trempealeau County determines that an employee's outside work interferes with or influences their work performance, judgment or the ability to meet the requirements of Trempealeau County, or if the employment outside Trempealeau County constitutes a conflict of interest, the employee may be asked to terminate the outside employment if he/she wishes to remain employed with Trempealeau County.


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