Introductory Period

All new or newly promoted employees shall serve a one (1) year introductory period. In no case shall this term be shortened, however, this period may be extended with management's approval. Time spent as a casual or limited term employee shall not be applied toward the introductory period or total County service.

This period is intended to give new employees the opportunity to demonstrate their ability, to achieve satisfactory performance, and to determine whether the new employee meets the County's expectations. Trempealeau County uses this period to evaluate employee capabilities, work habits, employment relations skills, and overall performance. Either the employee or Trempealeau County may terminate the employment relationship, at will, at any time, during this period with or without cause.

Trempealeau County offers competitive wages and benefits and in return expects above average performance from its employees. The use of the term satisfactory is not meant to imply average or mediocre but rather demonstrated superior performance commensurate with the wages and benefits accorded the position.

  1. Extension of Introductory Period
    If Trempealeau County determines that the designated introductory period does not allow for sufficient time to thoroughly evaluate the employee's performance, this period may be extended for a specified period of time. Approval of extension must come from the Department Head. If the employee is a department head, the approval of extension must come from the Oversight Committee. Written notification of the extension must be given to the employee prior to the end of the initial probation.
  2. Benefits during Introductory Period
    During the initial introductory period, (excluding reassignments, promotions, or transfer introductory periods) new employees are eligible for those benefits that are required by law such as worker's compensation and social security. Employees may use accrued Sick or Vacation hours during the introductory period after six months.

    During the introductory period, efforts should be made to assist the new employee to succeed in their position. The employee may be discharged by written notification from the department head. Such discharge shall be without recourse to the grievance procedure.

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