General Policy Statement


This Trempealeau County Employee Handbook (Handbook) has been prepared to acquaint you with Trempealeau County (County) policy. This Handbook contains the provisions of the County's policies designed to provide guidance and information regarding your employment with Trempealeau County. You should read, understand and comply with all provisions of this Handbook.

This handbook is not a contract of employment. The Handbook supersedes and replaces provisions previously found in collective bargaining agreements that have expired and/or found in personnel policies and procedures on issues that are addressed in this Handbook. The Handbook applies to general municipal employees. For those employees who remain covered under a collective bargaining agreement, this Handbook applies when the provisions of this Handbook do not contradict the terms of the bargaining agreement or when this Handbook addresses an area which is not covered by a collective bargaining agreement. This Handbook is subject to any controlling ordinance, resolution, regulation, state of federal statute, code or regulation, or other legally controlling authority. Final interpretation and implementation of any of the policies or rules in this Handbook is vested with the County.

This Handbook is subject to change and modification with or without notice. The Human Resources Department shall provide a copy of this policy to each newly hired County employee. Any changes/revisions/additions may occur at any time, upon the approval of the Personnel/Bargaining Committee, and shall be provided to each employee. Each employee is expected to maintain an up-to-date copy throughout employment with the County. All employees are expected to be aware of the policies and abide by them. All employees must sign and return the attached signature page upon receipt. The signature page will be filed in the employee's personnel file.

This policy does not apply to the Trempealeau County Health Care Center, whose Board of Trustees manages that institution.


Individual departments may have needs, which are not specifically addressed through this Handbook. Each County department and/or agency may implement its own set of departmental rules which shall be additional to the provisions in this policy. No departmental rules may be contrary to any of the provisions of this Handbook. Department rules shall be in writing and approved by the respective oversight committee. A copy of departmental work rules, and all subsequent changes, shall be given to each department employee who shall sign and return a signature page indicating that he or she has received a copy of the rules. The signature page will be filed in the employee's personnel file. A copy of department work rules shall also be forwarded to the Human Resources office.

When issues are not addressed in either the union contract or Human Resources policy, then departmental work rules will apply.

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