Employment Status


Exempt/Non-Exempt Employees: Each position is designated as either "non-exempt" or "exempt" from the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and the state wage and hour laws.


Non-exempt employees are entitled to all of the protections provided by the FLSA including minimum wage, compensation for hours worked in excess of scheduled hours and overtime pay equal to time and one-half for all hours worked over forty (40) in a work week. Non-exempt employees qualify for compensatory time under the FLSA in lieu of premium pay for overtime hours worked (to the extent that compensatory time is made available by the County).


Employees are paid on a salary basis and are generally not subject to the requirements of the FLSA. Exempt employees are not entitled to and do not receive, among other things, additional compensation for hours worked outside of their scheduled hours (if any) or overtime pay/compensatory time for hours worked in excess of forty (40) hours per week.


Employment Categories

In addition to the above categories, each employee will belong to one other employment category of their position:

  1. Regular benefited full-time: A position of 40 hours per week; eligible for full County benefits package; wages are commensurate with approved wage scales as set by County Board.
  2. Regular benefited part-time: A position of 20-39 hours per week*; benefits are pro-rated based upon number of hours worked each pay period; wages are commensurate with approved wage scales as set by County Board.
  3. Limited Term Employee (LTE): Limited term employees, or sometimes referred to as casual employees, are to be hired in periods of excessive workload to substitute for regularly scheduled employees who are absent from work for long periods of time and for the express purpose of program or transport services.

    Limited term employees are not eligible for benefits except those mandated by law (social security, worker's compensation, unemployment). However, consistent with current Wisconsin Retirement System regulations (which may be amended from time to time), LTE employees may be eligible for enrollment into the Wisconsin Retirement System.
  4. Volunteer: Time spent volunteering in the capacity an individual was hired is considered time worked by the employee. Wage and Hour laws prohibit Trempealeau County employees from volunteering for services to the County which could in any way be considered a part of their normal work duties or which would be duties performed by the department in which the individual is employed.
  5. Employment of Minors: With the exception of the TCCTV Summer Youth Assistant position, Trempealeau County does not employ children under the age of eighteen (18) years in any circumstance.



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