About RAYF

RAYF is an acronym for Resources At Your Fingertips. As a community, there are health and wellness needs that were identified by the Trempealeau County Chronic Disease Community Coalition (TCCDCC).  Their wellness needs include proper nutrition, more mental health resources, increased physical activity, and smoking cessation.

Chronic illness accounts for the largest expense in health care today, with 78% of all medical dollars being spent on treating chronic diseases. Prevention all starts with education, and utilizing available resources and services. The TCCDCC wishes to prevent chronic illness starting at the local level.

As a large community, TCCDCC is a collaboration of health care providers and social services of Trempealeau County in order to guide people to healthier lives.

Everyone has access to RAYF through the 11 public libraries and 7 school districts in Trempealeau County and can benefit from having "Resources at your Fingertips".

Mission Statement: To inform people that are uninsured and underserved that reside in Trempealeau County by offering a one stop web resource to living well and utilizing wellness resources in the community.