Trempealeau County
Human Services

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Whitehall WI, 54773-0067
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Adult Protective Services

Trempealeau County Department of Human Services is responsible for investigating allegations of elder adult at risk abuse.


"Elder Adult at risk"  is "any person age 60 or older who has experienced, is currently experiencing, or is at risk of experiencing abuse, neglect, self-neglect, or financial exploitation."

"Adult at risk" is "any adult who has a physical or mental condition that substantially impairs his or her ability to care for his or her needs who has experienced, currently  experiencing, or is at risk of experiencing abuse, neglect, self neglect or financial exploitation."

1.      Substantially mentally incapable of providing for his or her needs for food,

shelter, clothing or personal or health care; or,

2.      Is unable to report cruel maltreatment without assistance. 

 Types of Abuse: 

Physical Abuse          Infliction of physical pain or bodily harm.

Sexual Abuse             Any form of sexual contact or exposure without consent
                                       or when the victim is incapable of giving consent.

Emotional Abuse       Infliction of mental anguish.

Financial Abuse         Illegal or improper exploitation of funds or other

Neglect                        Refusal or failure to fulfill a care taking obligation, such as
                                      abandonment or isolation; denial of food, shelter, clothing,
                                      medical assistance or personal needs; or the withholding of
                                      necessary medication or assistive devices.

Self-Neglect               Significant danger to a person’s physical or mental health
                                      because the person is responsible for his or her own care
                                      but is unable to provide adequate food, shelter, clothing or
                                      medical/dental care.