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Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) or Personal Property Records
These records expire in 5 years unless the secured party (Mortgage holder) continues (renews) the UCC for another 5 years.  The UCC records are available in   paper form and they are available on the computer.
Real Estate Records or Land Records
(Mid 1800s to current)
Our land records are indexed by the land and by the grantor (seller) and grantee (buyer).  The grantor and grantee are indexed under the first letter of the last name and then chronological.  (i.e. If you were searching for Rose Ottum, you would search under "O" for Ottum and then by the date the document came in the office.)  To search by grantor/grantee can be a very time consuming process.   The land is indexed by the Section, Township and Range and the quarter Section or by the Plat name, lot and block or by the Certified Survey Map and lot numbers.
(Mid 1800s to current)
Plats are surveys of land.  You can  search by the name of the plat, city, village or township or by the land.
Federal Tax Liens
Federal Tax Liens are indexed by the first letter of the last name and then chronological.  (i.e. Ottum would be under "O" and then by the date the Federal Tax Lien arrived in the office.)
Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates
(Mid 1800s to current)
Birth, Death & Marriage certificates are indexed by the first letter of the last name and then chronological. (i.e. Ottum would be under "O" and then by the date the certificate arrived in our office.)  Our marriage records are also cross indexed in the same manner by the wife's maiden name.
Census Records for 1905 and 1880
In the 1880 Census Records the families are listed alphabetically under the township or village of residence.  In the 1905 census records the families are listed under the township or village of residence but are not alphabetical.
Military Discharge Records
(Mid 1800s to present)
Military Discharge records are closed to the general public.  We do have a book available to view called Wisconsin Census Report - 1905 - Names of ex-Soldiers and Sailors.  All inquiries or requests for Discharge Records should be addressed to the Veterans Service Office.
School Census Records
(1909 through 1976)
School Census Records are indexed by the name of the school, date the child attended the school and then by the family name.  These records may be viewed with assistance.  You would have to make an appointment to view School Census Records because of the time consuming process of searching.
Change of Name
The Change of Name Index is by the first letter of the last name, both old and new name.
Accident Reports
(Early 1900s)
We have very few accident reports that were filed by the date they arrived in the office.

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